Necromancer Candle
Necromancer Candle

Necromancer Candle

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You feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. A sweeping cold comes over you. A bright, neon green glow starts to emerge from the shadows. A deathly sweet aroma fills the catacombs, overwhelming your senses. The dead begin to rise. He's here. Run.

Boring Description:  
Top Notes: Butter, Orange Peel
Base Notes: Maple Pecan, Caramel, Vanilla 

8 oz 100% Soy Candle with a cotton wick

*Be sure to read warning and burning instructions carefully to prevent fire and serious injury. Each candle is made and poured by hand. Tiny imperfections (small bits of frosting, swirls, etc) in the wax may occur and will not affect the candle itself. And please remember... don't eat the candles.