Pin Grading

Pins in my shop are sold in two different grades, standards and seconds. I have provided a small guide below to help assist you on which grade is right for you.



♡ No visible defects upon first glance
♡ Please keep in mind that each enamel pin is handmade. This means that this grade can come with very minor flaws such as small specks, tiny air bubbles, and tiny scratches



♡ Defective upon first glance
♡ Can come with underfilled/overfilled enamel, miscolored, slight scratches, multiple air bubbles. 


♡♡ I do not sell highly defective pins. ♡♡

Any pins containing extremely large scratches, dents, missing enamel, etc. are thrown away.

If you have any questions about the grade of the pin you received, please feel free to contact me with your order number and a picture of the pin with the flaws circled at